Virtual In-House Counsel For Spontaneous Issues

The need to promptly address spontaneous legal crises at a small to midsize business is just as important, in its own way, as outlining of the company's long-term objectives.

An employee may complain about a supervisor's discriminatory language or tendency to harass sexually. Another might fall on unsafe flooring and seek workers' compensation benefits, if not file a personal injury lawsuit. Intellectual property could have been subtly borrowed from, or stolen outright, by a close competitor. And these are just a few examples of things that can go wrong, at a moment's notice, calling for swift action by a legal team responsible for virtual in-house counsel duties.

At Tavano, McCuin, Bonanno & Collins, LLC, in Glastonbury and West Hartford, our experienced corporate law attorneys — most likely the same lawyers who helped establish your business — insist on strict accessibility to your problems and concerns, immediately by phone or email. We can put out "fires" with the best of them, so you can put aside late-breaking distractions and return your attention to your product or service.

Does a contract need to be written or reviewed? Is a landlord seeking to renege on conditions of a lease? Are partners or shareholders suddenly in revolt? With our law firm by your side, you can approach each work day with strength, confidence and peace of mind that all issues are being capably handled.

Experienced Guidance, Exceptional Service In Connecticut And Massachusetts

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