Will Contests

The harmony of a once-loving family can be shattered in an instant over a will contest, when a loved one has either died without a will or left a will behind whose validity is in dispute.

A putative heir can become disgruntled when his or her status is questioned. An ambitious caregiver may be deemed suspicious after a mysterious, last-minute change to a will. Allegations of undue influence and incompetency can fly during the contentious contesting of a last will and testament.

At this stressful time, estate and probate clients at odds with relatives can receive peace of mind, thanks to the compassionate assistance of knowledgeable will contest attorneys.

We have those sympathetic, dedicated lawyers at Tavano, McCuin, Bonanno & Collins, LLC, in Glastonbury and West Hartford. For decades, we have worked successfully to restore order to the chaos in clients' lives when negotiations for a contested will divide loved ones, and threaten to require a trial for a lasting outcome.

Practical Legal Solutions For Will Contests In Connecticut And Massachusetts

Are you concerned about a trust administration, asset distribution or fiduciary service after a loved one's passing? Are you and other relatives suffering from a family member's inattention to estate planning?

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