Commercial Leasing And Negotiations

The Tavano, McCuin, Bonanno & Collins, LLC, law firm in Glastonbury and West Hartford represents commercial property owners and those seeking commercial leases in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Our seasoned real estate attorneys have decades of experience and a reputation for favorable outcomes in a wide range of real estate matters, including commercial leasing. Our leadership extends to negotiation, drafting and review of detailed documentation, as well as aggressive advocacy in the event of a dispute.

During the process of originating and solidifying a lease, our lawyers leave nothing to chance — from writing binding contracts to researches on land use, local zoning laws and environmental issues. When our business law clients settle into a commercial lease, they do so with complete peace of mind that every contingency has been covered.

Has a lease you entered into, prior to your association with us, "gone south"? Are you need of an adviser and advocate who can make things right for any dispute, including a landlord-tenant situation? Our real estate law firm welcomes the chance to hear your side of the story.

Experienced Guidance, Exceptional Service For Commercial Lease Clients

At Tavano, McCuin, Bonanno & Collins, LLC, we know how important your business lease arrangements are to you — especially if you are part of a business startup. We extend the same quality services to our residential clients. Feel free to call upon us at any time, but especially to secure an initial consultation, where we can map a course of action together. Call us today at 860-266-7928 or use this website to send an email message.